The Tree of Life grows

Sometimes I think that I’m getting it all together, and then …

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

Our simple seeker was feeling pleased with herself,
maybe even a bit smug about the expansion of her
understanding, with Spirit’s help, of course.

A new development was taking shape, even if still
in a fuzzy condition, in her study of the Kabbalah
and the relationship between The Tree of Life and
The Ladder of Light.

Georgia had struggled with how to visualize the ten
unique energy systems of The Tree evolving,
transforming, or transcending into The Four Worlds
and thirty two stages of The Ladder of Light. But,
the conceptualization was coming together, if only
she could hold onto it.

Wow! she thought, as she envisioned her years of
seemingly endless wavering of attention between Tarot,
I Ching, and Kabbalah; not to mention several other
wisdom and/or mystery traditions. But, now it was all
coming together.

The four suits of the Tarot represent four elements
of nature; earth, air…

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