Assisting Others is Self-Serving

We can’t all be leaders but we can assist those more suited to lead.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom with me and with
whomever else cares to join our otherwise
one-to-one sessions.

Hexagram 26 – Great Accumulation.
Mountain is above Heaven.
Each are yang and yet, in this instance,
the youngest yang is above the parent yang.

Is that very likely?

Spirit explains: Nothing rises up
without having been assisted, or gently
lifted into that higher position.

Why would anyone help someone else rise higher
than herself, or himself?

Parents have done that since time began,
bearing in mind that there was no beginning
to time, if it actually exists,
which it doesn’t.

That’s true – the parental impulse to …

That so-called impulse to assist others to go
beyond where we can go ourselves is part of
our nature – who and what we are.

Then there must be a personal benefit
to our action; our seemingly self-sacrificing

There’s nothing self-sacrificing about…

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