Abusive behaviour as an addiction?

Spirit tells me that there are no abusers; only abusive habits, which may develop .into addictions.

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Spirit shares gems of wisdom.

Spirit tells me that forgiveness is an unhealthy response to abuse.
What, He asks, does forgiveness undo? Does it accept abuse as okay?
even if the abuser says, I’m sorry?

How can abuse be forgiven, and would forgiveness end abuse or seem
to encourage more abuse?

Surely, abuse must be considered as unacceptable behaviour regardless
of who is abusing whom, and if the one who is being abused accepts
the abuse, then that person is guilty of self-abuse.

How, then can we respond to abuse when we cannot protect ourselves
from it?

We make choices and, perhaps, past choices helped to create the abusive

Why do you speak of an abusive situation and not an abusive person?

There are none.

Please explain.

We develop abusive habits or we do not.

As an addiction?


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