Choosing Integrity is Risky

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept
of wisdom.

Wisdom is much more than a concept.

How can anything be more than a concept?

How could anything be less?

Then, what is wisdom, beyond being a concept.

A concept of what?

A high level of understanding.

Understanding of what?


Whatever is a generalization of everything.

Then, of life?

Whose life, or what life?

Wisdom as a concept of life in general.

Wisdom is wisdom and life is life.

Yes, but I want to understand what life is.

How would wisdom help you do that?

I don’t know.

Perhaps you know more than you are willing
to accept knowing.

Why would I resist accepting knowing?

For fear of the consequences of knowing

What consequences can knowledge have?

Personal responsibility.

For what?

For how you choose to respond to awareness.

We were discussing knowledge.

True knowledge is awareness.


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