We Each Know Everyone Else

Spirit tells me that there have always been
dedicated teachers of wisdom in every culture
since time began, who have shared their
understanding and awareness of how life
can be lived for the benefit of all.

But, there are surely many more ways than
one to live a life that benefits all,
if it was possible to know how the life
we live could harm anyone.

Awareness would teach you.

How to become aware?


Experience of what?

Being harmed as a result of how others
live their lives.

It isn’t possible to know how all others
live their lives.


I don’t know all others.

Do you know yourself?

Yes, I think so.

Then you know everyone else.

2 thoughts on “We Each Know Everyone Else

  1. I do find your approach fascinating in how you interpret what you are explaining on your site. It’s like trying to bring people back down to earth and offering them the revelation that we are all human. No one is above thee other indeed

  2. Thank you, Antonio, for your generous comment. I wish that I could; no, I don’t wish that I could take credit for Spirit’s wisdom. Like you, I find it awesome, and feel grateful for being able to serve in the capacity of simple seeker (which role seems to serve me well for it describes me fairly well). With my simple approach and yet deeply sincere attempt to understand what life is all about and why, Spirit is able to set me up, or so it seems, to ask questions that feed into his teaching style. But, I can totally understand if others need to believe I’m that smart. Spirit doesn’t care if anyone believes He exists or not. For Him, it’s the message that matters, and He even denies owning that. What He shares with me and whomever else has been shared with Him and with those who cared enough to share it with those who – endless beginning.
    But, thank you and hope you enjoy.

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