Form as a temporary illusion

Spirit shares gems of wisdom.

Spirit suggests that I let Life lead me where it wills to.
To resist, He adds, is wasting precious time, my own, or
at least my temporary share of Cosmic energy.

We are each alone together on a journey of discovery. Life
is a treasure chest that has somehow dumped itself and
scattered its precious contents of adventures and, at times
even hidden them, but not without leaving subtle clues, or
not so subtle hints at where and how to find what is meant
for each of us, alone to find, our own inner self, the
perfect complement to who and what we now seem to believe
we are.

How would I recognize this inner me?

It will be as if looking into a magic mirror, that reflects
only your essence, without form. The essence is real and
timeless. The form is no more than a temporary illusion.

6 thoughts on “Form as a temporary illusion

  1. How beautifully conveyed . . . your reflection, your Truth,

    Many congratulations on this eloquent expression of wisdom Jean.

    With gratitude and respect as ever, Hariod.

  2. Dear Hariod, How great to hear your words of .. what? whta was expressed, or how it was expressed. I worry that I may have, no, not me, but Spirit. He often goes so deep in thought that I get lost. I am only a simple thinker who would, if she could, be otherwise. But, alas and alack, we seem to be no more nor less than what and who we are. Now, if I only knew who or what I are (am). Thank you for expressing pleasure. There must surely always be a place for pleasure. What value would life have without it, eh?

    • ‘ . . . your words of . . . what? What was expressed, or how it was expressed’

      Approval of both Jean. Again though, I feel less approving of your self-effacement – not a criticism; I merely wonder why the need for it . . . to make comparisons . . . to what purpose?

      Hope it’s okay to air my thoughts publicly on this?

      Hariod. ❤

  3. Totally okay to air your thoughts publicly, Hariod. The purpose of this blog is to share my experience with Spirit,, for the benefit of whomever might benefit from it, and, perhaps, understand Him and His teachings in a way that I do not, at least, not yet.
    As far as self-effacement goes, my ego would protest. But, I accept that, perhaps most readers will not accept that I am not the originator of His thoughts (unless from the possible perspective of a diagnosis of split personality).
    Spirit would be aware of that risk, and I am willing to accept it, if it helps to share His teachings (which, He tells me are not His alone but belong to everyone).
    I hope you, or anyone who reads and doubts my perspective, can set it aside and consider the thoughts that overwhelm me with their wisdom, much of the time. He does have … no, that’s not for sharing, at this time.
    Thank you for your honesty.
    Love, (I haven’t learned yet how to create happy faces and hearts, yet).

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