The Secret Fire

The Secret Fire could be called The Sacred Fire.



 The Secret Fire is a term used by alchemists. It is a term that has a debatable definition. I assume each alchemist has his own definition. I’ve been lead to realize that the Secret Fire is the combination of energies, under the direction of will, to cause an effect. The Secret Fire is the primal cause, the only cause, and every cause. It is that which Creates. It is not the Creator, but it is his tool, like the Word in Genesis.

Since objective reality is the ultimate arbiter of truth, and since the Secret Fire seeks to combine several subjective experiences into reality, the control of it is the ultimate aim of every Alchemist, and also the ultimate aim of every occultist, whether they think so or not. Any occultist working towards a higher understanding of the universe is seeking to understand and manipulate the Secret Fire. The…

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