There is only one story.

Spirit tells me that our capacity to understand what is happening

Around us greatly expands over a lifetime. But, our awareness

Does not develop without experience and with reflection on that

Experience, with intent to understand why it happened and what

Effect it had on our development.


When we recall childhood memories we need to be aware that they

Are memories of a child, the child we once were. A child recorded,

Perhaps traumatic experiences, as seen through the eyes of a child.


Now, as an adult, we revisit the past and view the situations from the

Perspective of distance and, hopefully, developed maturity. In the event

Of a similar situation experienced today, we might respond quite

Differently than we did long ago.


A child is usually helpless and frightened in situations beyond her or his

Control or understanding. The memory of terror, felt as a child, would be

Possibly missing in our review.


Our personal collection of memories is as a history book. There is usually

No continuous, interconnected series of events recorded. And, what we

Do remember may or may not have contributed, more or less, to our

Present level of maturity and understanding of our life.


Then what purpose is served by our memories?


They tell us a human story that helps us relate to other human stories,

Real or fiction.


And we are more able to feel a connection with other stories because

They confirm our own life story?


Yes. It’s the collection that is the real story. Our individual stories make

Sense only as part of a greater one.


I think you’re leading me to something.


Yes, the awareness that there is only one story.







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