Acorns and Seekers each have a Destiny

Spirit tells me that the destiny of an acorn is to become

An oak tree and the destiny of an infant is to become an

Adult. Each will unconsciously strive to manifest its

Predetermined destiny. Life has given each a goal.


Life has also provided humans with the capacity to

Consciously choose to commit themselves to a goal,

Or to believe that they have chosen what is also a

Destiny, for them, if for no other.


Seekers desire to learn more and more about whatever

It is that interests them, whether it be in the field of

Sports, music, theatre, business, cooking, academic

Studies, mechanics, farming, whatever.


Spiritual seekers are no better and no worse than those

Who seek to climb mountains. They are each following

Their own chosen destiny, if it can be considered as

Being chosen when we feel an inner drive to achieve

Something that means much to us and possibly little

To some others.


Be true to oneself?




4 thoughts on “Acorns and Seekers each have a Destiny

    • Thank you, Echo, for your positive comment. I was afraid that Spirit was setting me up to receive harsh criticism by daring to suggest that spiritual seekers (such as myself) were no better or worse than any other seekers of whatever. If we each are following where we know we must go, then, He is right. Be true to yourself. Shakespeare said that, and followed it by saying that if we are true to ourselves then we cannot be false to anyone.
      Again, thank you and may your journey through life be the adventure of your life, and so very rewarding.

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