Trust your Intuition

Spirit tells me that intuition and a sense of discomfort are as

Detour signs.


Listen to your body, He tells me, and trust that

A feeling of discomfort is as Intuition; a wake-up call,

A warning that something or someone is not as

Might seem to be.


Why are you telling me this, now?


Is there a better time?


I don’t know.


I do.



4 thoughts on “Trust your Intuition

    • Bless you, II, And your posts do something to and for me. Part of me wants to be able to let go and merge into formless essence of Life itself. As you can probably sense, I am of two minds, each accepting and yet resisting the other. Perhaps Spirit is as James Hillman’ Daemon, the other half tht came into this physical world with us, and directs our traffic from the sidelines. Though Spirit seems to forget that sidelines are less centre than edge. Life is curious, isn’t it, and yet an incredible experience.
      I’m so glad that you seem to have the peace that seems to be just beyond my reach.

      • Oh no, not at all. I still struggle with many things and am often of two minds also. But as you continue on your path, Spirit’s guidance grows stronger and your ability to go there for peace when needed becomes easier. Struggle will always remain because we are of both worlds and it must be so. 🙂

        With love

      • You are more a source of peace than is the Spirit in my life. He seems to have no intention of offering me peace. On the contrary, meditation with him is extremely stressful, even if that stress comes from my resistance to teachings beyond my capacity to understand. When countless millions are seemingly content to accept on faith, why must I want to intellectually understand the what and why of life? It must be in my nature.

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