Do you try to look?

Spirit asks me if I can understand why whatever is

Happening is happening, before I am aware that

Whatever is happening is happening?


I protest. Something is always happening.




Then what should I do?


You could practice understanding why what has

Happened has happened, even while you practice

Being aware of what now is happening.


I try.


Do you try to look?


2 thoughts on “Do you try to look?

  1. What has happened, is happening, and will happen are all expressions of influence that determine all cause and effect relationships. The choices of influence are spiritual or egoistic. No other options are possible.

    • Yes, Rob, Spirit is teaching me (I almost wrote ‘trying) to become increasingly aware of the never-ending continuity of the influence of cause and effect. upon any given situation. Of course, there could be many cause and effect situations merging into one another. It can get complicated, at least in moment-to-moment encounters within one particular person’s daily existence.
      Perhaps Spirit would have me consider that whatever is happening is something I might have expected to at least possibly happen if I had been aware of preceding events and my response to them.
      We are never outside of any situation that we are part of.
      Choices of influence may have arisen from a limited selection of available choices and social conditioning to prefer one more than another.
      Spirit’s perspective seems to be more in line with yours than with mine. I confess to be much more simplistic than either of you.
      Thank you for your comment, even if it was directed more to Spirit than to myself, and He seems to have left me to respond, or has He? I can never be sure.

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