We are all addicted to something

Spirit tells me that

We are all addicted to something.

Our individual needs and desires

Could never be fully fulfilled.

Maslow’s hierarchy had it right,

If only partially.  But, he didn’t reach high

Or far enough. He spoke of needs,

Suggesting, material, physical,

Survival needs, as if these alone

Could somehow satisfy our



Spirit tells me that, our spiritual

Needs, drives, and desires

Can never be satisfied and,

That Compassion allows us

To feel this need to fulfillment

In others.


An ancient dictum to

Go forth and multiply.

Referred to more, much more

Than reproduction for

Its own sake. It was

A Divine command, as if

A command was necessary.

It is in the essence of

Our nature to seek

Without possessing the capacity

For self-satisfaction. We need

To learn to accept and respect

Needs and desires fulfillment

As a holy purpose and

A sacred duty. Of course,

We can get sidetracked.


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