To love unseen potential

Spirit tells me that it is easy to love whom or what is obviously

Lovable, but to love what or whom requires intention to love

Unseen potential, we must first feel compassion based on

awareness that we, ourselves, may not always have been as

lovable as we may now consider ourselves to be.


How would we express love based on compassion?


We would accept it as a sacred duty to care for and about

Whatever or whomever we intended to love.



Tarot as a Sacred Science

Spirit tells me that Tarot cards were designed to preserve

Deep understanding of human nature. Many ancient traditions

And mystery schools have been destroyed in the

Name of progress, and replaced with teachings that deny

An essential oneness beneath a surface of diversity.


There is no magic involved or required in the study of Tarot images.

Instead, what is required is deep respect for and serious intent

To study the specific images that the reader’s or client’s personal

Energy has attracted, at a particular time.


The image on the chosen card brings a hidden message.


Why hidden?


To protect its high value. Anything easily available is vulnerable

To being seen as of little worth.


At first glance, Tarot images seem to describe general aspects of

The human psyche, or an easily understood situation. But, how

The images are interpreted or ‘seen’ makes all the difference.

Each reader or client’s vibrational energy interacts with the images

To co-create a message. Something is understood concerning

The problem within the mind of the seeker.


In this respect, Tarot can be seen to be much like meditation, and

Only another path to the same Universal source of wisdom.


A renewed interest in Tarot?


Yes. Why not?




We each have a duty to care

Spirit tells me that we each have a sacred duty to care for

The world we live in, the world that sustains us and

Makes it possible for us to experience physical

Existence within a material creation.


Each suggests a personal responsibility.




How is it possible for individuals…


Are you speaking of individuals in general or of

Yourself, in particular?




The answer is the same.


My question is still, how can it be done?


It can only be done individually. We each must learn to

Care about and care for everyone and everything else.


We each may have a different understanding of

What it means to care about and for.


What is your understanding?


I do care about and for whom and what I can.


How much do you care about and for, and

How do you express this care?


Am I on a witness stand?


Everyone is on a witness stand.



We are all addicted to something

Spirit tells me that

We are all addicted to something.

Our individual needs and desires

Could never be fully fulfilled.

Maslow’s hierarchy had it right,

If only partially.  But, he didn’t reach high

Or far enough. He spoke of needs,

Suggesting, material, physical,

Survival needs, as if these alone

Could somehow satisfy our



Spirit tells me that, our spiritual

Needs, drives, and desires

Can never be satisfied and,

That Compassion allows us

To feel this need to fulfillment

In others.


An ancient dictum to

Go forth and multiply.

Referred to more, much more

Than reproduction for

Its own sake. It was

A Divine command, as if

A command was necessary.

It is in the essence of

Our nature to seek

Without possessing the capacity

For self-satisfaction. We need

To learn to accept and respect

Needs and desires fulfillment

As a holy purpose and

A sacred duty. Of course,

We can get sidetracked.


All that we can do is

Spirit tells me that

All that we can do may never

Be enough to achieve what

We might have achieved if

We could do more, but that

All that we can do is

All that we can do, and

We will do all that we can

To serve Life by caring for

Ourselves and our community,

As if such caring was

A sacred duty, and

It is.