Transcending the Physical

Spirit tells me that

Transcending the physical does not

Require rejecting or neglecting

The physical aspects of our life.


Transcendence must necessarily

Include and expand from

The inside and then move

Beyond the boundaries of

Our physical and mental reality.


We are physical beings. We are also

Emotional, intellectual and

.Spiritual beings, all in one and,

All in one from a oneness



To neglect or abuse any one aspect

Of our being, is to neglect or abuse

Our being.


If we are to be neglected

And/or abused then let it be

By others, not by ourselves.




4 thoughts on “Transcending the Physical

  1. Just a few thoughts prompted by your very interesting post…..Is it really a matter of transcending the physical? Or possibly, is our spiritual growth a process of transitioning our self-centeredness? Our sensations of the spiritual dimensions (meaning, our capacity to consciously function in those dimensions) are determined by the influences we choose. Whether or not we consciously choose those influences is another discussion. It is only our inhibited sensations that create a separation between physical and spiritual. Physicality is just one degree of one dimension of spiritual perception.

    • Dear Rob, Again I am so slow in learning the game. I will now pledge to the Universe to make each Sunday a time to connect with commentators (should there be any) to my posts. To neglect them is to neglect Spirit, to whom (He tells me) I once took a sacred vow to serve, or , rather, to serve with, during this lifetime, for a higher purpose. It may be true, unless it’s a con job.
      You are so right re consciously choosing to relate to higher vibrations (my personal experience). Perhaps it takes a courage beyond my capacity. I’m basically a coward, and I fear losing my grip on the ground. I represent, it seems, those who want to fly with angels while keeping their feet solidly on the ground. I want it both ways. Spirit sighs at my simplicity. You might laugh. Thank you for your comments.

    • Dear Rob, Why have I not responded to your comments on Transcending the Physical, before now? I am still new at this game and will learn to establish a routine of looking for feedback. Back to the post and your comments. Different people have different strengths of resistance to opening themselves to spiritual dimensions. I am a coward, pretending to be brave. Spirit is aware of that. He knows that it’s only a matter of time before I (and everyone else) accepts the illusion we live in for what it is and release myself from it.
      Let me tell you a story that will describe this nonsensical attitude of mine. In the beginning of my relationship with Spirit, He led me to believe that I was to be trained as a deep trance channel. Can you believe that I very much resisted that opportunity, if there was serious intent. Why? I would miss out on the action. I wanted to be aware of and part of whatever role I was to play. I wanted Spirit to teach me what He would be teaching whoever, through me. Spirit agreed (though that might have been the plan all along). Another immature position, perhaps, that I took was to request that Spirit not materialize because I would be distracted by however He might present Himself. I would (silently, at least) question why He presented Himself as He did).
      It’s in my nature, I guess. I sometimes even suspect the nature of His energy. Is He testing me? And, if so, why? I don’t question how well I might do on any test. I know I can’t do very well.
      But, Spirit has spent 25 years (which may be as no time at all from His perspective) patiently (mostly) teaching me, through experiences, not always pleasant experiences, and then reflection on and discussion of the lessons I may or may not have learned, and why. I am a slow learner, and I accept that I could not have possibly begun to openly blog and serve his desire to share what had been shared with him. Your words, ‘inhibited sensations’ describe my fear of letting go of my humanness. I want to fit in, even while knowing that I never will again, not in this material world. You seem to hint at the reality that we are neither physical or spiritual, as separate. Spirit explains that each merges into the other and that there is no real separation.
      I’m sorry if my reply seemed long-winded and immature. Perhaps because it is, as I still am.
      Thank you for your comment.

  2. Dear Rob, I wish I could respond to your thoughts on transcending, in a way that would make sense to you, but we can each only understand anything from our own perspective and even then we can share it with others only if we share a similar language. You are as a classical musician while I am totally into jazz or country. While we both might passionately love our music, our passion for it responds to a different vibration, or field of vibrations. But, the mystery and beauty of music is no less rich and no less a part of who we each are. I am grass roots.

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