Searching for a Spiritual Guru

You will find your Guru within yourself. Why can I not remember who told me that, a thousand years or more. I remember not being overly impressed with this seemingly casual remark. The speaker could not possibly have experienced the countless times when I thought I had found the ideal, for me, teacher of perennial wisdom, who would lead me, eagerly following, along the path, or way, of enlightenment – that magic word, which was to me as a promised fairyland might be to young children.

Sure, I thought, but was too conditioned not to be polite.

Perhaps meditation was the way to go. I’m told it works for tens of thousands of seekers, but this one falls asleep the minute she relaxes, or so it seemed during the TM sessions I attended, away back then. I wonder if they are still doing it?

Doing what? Spirit interrupts my reverie.


Everyone meditates, consciously aware of the fact, or not.

How could they not be aware of meditating.

If you were, no, when you are meditating, and you spend hours each day doing just that, how aware are you of doing so?

I’m not.

Great, then you’re doing it right.

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