We Are Never Alone

My Spirit Teacher tells me that we are never alone
and that our interconnection with all life is not
in any way an impersonal one.

We are more than linked to each other, He assures me.
We each blend into and become, at least to some extent,
one with the other.

How is that possible?

The link is not between us, but within us.
Our energies vibrate in harmony, or in disharmony,
with everyone in our lives, and everyone is
in our life, for, there is only one Life,
that both sustains and contains all life forms;
everyone and everything that is.

What about thoughts?

What about them?

Are they all one thought?

How would that be possible?

Then, are they as forms of life, also

They are forms of life.

And emotions?

And emotions.


More and less.

Not more or less?

More and less.

Then, more and less than what?

More and less than we each attract
to ourselves.

Please explain.

Sometimes we attract certain thoughts
and emotions that we do not at other times

Can we learn how to attract those thoughts
and emotions that we prefer to attract, and
resist attracting others?



Practice awareness, or mindfulness,
as some call it.



Alone or with a group or teacher?


The Middle Way is Narrow or Wide

Spirit tells me that the middle way is as narrow
or wide as the mind who walks it is.

Then, the middle way for some might be considered
as an extreme by some others who travel on either
side of that so-called middle way?

There is no so-called middle way. Anyone who
travels her or his own middle way is travelling
the middle way.

Regardless of how it might appear to some others?

We do not sincerely travel the middle way, our
middle way, to impress others, unless we are
travelling a road designed by others.

Then, we design our own middle way?


How is that possible?

How is it not possible?

How can we know?


What our own middle way should look like.

Look like?

I need to be able to visualize.


What does that mean?

We can only know our own middle way
by also knowing our own extremes;
our individual potential for living
high or low.

I thought the middle way was moving

It is.

But, if the path we each travel is
between a low way and a high way ..

And it is.

Please explain.

To walk the middle way is to live as
you now live, moving through time,
while you are experiencing physical form

Your thoughts and emotions have power
to pull you high or low. Your unique
middle way harmonizes equally with
both extremes.

Then, some might have …

Not some; all do have a unique outlook
on life – within and without.

Then, no two middle ways will necessarily
be as the other?


Then, how can I learn to recognize my own
middle way?

Self-awareness. Know thyself.

More meditation?

Yes, but intentional meditation.

Awareness, Courage, and Faith in Self

Spirit tells me that we each know what we know,
even though what we know may not be so.

How can we ever really know anything?

Experience helps.

But, we can’t possibly experience everything.

That isn’t necessary.

Then, what is?


Of what?

Of what we are experiencing, when we are.

How can we not be aware?

We are always aware of what we are experiencing,
at least to some extent.

Then, to develop a deeper awareness?

Yes, and an ever-more expanded experience
of awareness.

So, awareness itself is an experience.

Yes. Awareness must necessarily be experienced.

How to experience awareness?

Of what?

Of awareness.

Meditation and quiet reflection.

Perhaps some of us do all that now, and do
experience awareness of being aware of the
complexity of our personal and social existence,
but are unable to do anything about them.

In what way?

To change them.

Awareness is not designed to change anything.

Then, what is?

Courage, and faith in self.

The River of Life and Meditation

A wise man once claimed that we cannot step into the same

River twice. Spirit tells me that the river referred to was Life, not

Water, alone. And, claims Spirit, the River of Life contains many

Undercurrents that we must step carefully through to reach safety.


The unavoidable undercurrents of emotion and thought are two

Potential dangers we each must learn to walk through while

Crossing the River of Life.




Deep breathing and meditation can help us.




Air is necessary to life but only if we breathe in and then out.

If we practice sitting quietly and breathing deeply, while we

Focus on a particular emotion that is troubling us, then

Step into that emotion by breathing it in, deeply, and then

Release it, again and again.


Both emotion and thought, claims Spirit, are life-giving energies.

But, as with all nutrients, there is a fine balance between

Beneficial (the Middle Way) and the self-destructive quantities of

Too little or too much. We each must learn to recognize our

Individual needs.



Defeat is not Surrender

Spirit teaches me His own style of

Meditation. He does not accept that

Meditation should calm the mind..


Spirit seems to believe that

The mind should be agitated and

All dearly-held beliefs and

Understandings be put

Under attack, debated,

Challenged by His

Superior thought system.


When I tell people that

I meditate often, they ask

If it relaxes my mind and

Look disbelieving when

I tell them it exhausts me.


Focus, Spirit teaches, on whatever

Aspect of my understanding or beliefs

He has chosen to alter. Somehow

I begin with confidence that,

Since I have spent a lifetime

Seeking greater understanding of

Philosophical and spiritual

Principles, that I have nothing

More to learn. My arrogant

Confidence, He loves, and

Perhaps, delights all the more

In dissolving, one by one,

Precious truths..


I never surrender; I struggle

To the inevitable, it seems,

End. My defense, sooner or

Later, collapses, and I must,

With great reluctance,

Let it go, and accept

Spirit’s more logical and

Compassionate wisdom.

He wins, again. 



Searching for a Spiritual Guru

You will find your Guru within yourself. Why can I not remember who told me that, a thousand years or more. I remember not being overly impressed with this seemingly casual remark. The speaker could not possibly have experienced the countless times when I thought I had found the ideal, for me, teacher of perennial wisdom, who would lead me, eagerly following, along the path, or way, of enlightenment – that magic word, which was to me as a promised fairyland might be to young children.

Sure, I thought, but was too conditioned not to be polite.

Perhaps meditation was the way to go. I’m told it works for tens of thousands of seekers, but this one falls asleep the minute she relaxes, or so it seemed during the TM sessions I attended, away back then. I wonder if they are still doing it?

Doing what? Spirit interrupts my reverie.


Everyone meditates, consciously aware of the fact, or not.

How could they not be aware of meditating.

If you were, no, when you are meditating, and you spend hours each day doing just that, how aware are you of doing so?

I’m not.

Great, then you’re doing it right.