There is no here and now

Spirit tells me that

There is no here and now.

Show me, He asks, point to here,

Point to now, on the clock.

Today, this, morning, tonight,

Yesterday and tomorrow make

Sense, from a so-called civilized

Society. Even then these terms are

Unstable and move as the Earth does,

And as the Universe moves, with

Intent beyond our understanding.


Spirit goes on to promise to

Correct me if I should ever use

Simplistic, nonsensical terminology

When communicating with him.


Where is the promised book

Spirit has always promised, no, pledged that

We would write His book.

Sure, twenty-five years later and,

Where is the book.

Meanwhile, I have filled

Piles of journals with notes,

Words of wisdom, and

I have served as a channel,

Sometimes, but

Never in a way that

Satisfied my soul.

It all seemed too frivolous,

Unimportant, and yet,

To those involved,

On either side, it was

Obviously satisfying. But,

Nobody seemed to ask Spirit

How to live a good life.

Instead, they wanted to be happy,

Here, and rich, if possible.

Perhaps I do, too.