There is no choice if we choose well

Spirit tells me that I am a unique expression of Life.


If I am, I ask Him, then how can I live my life in such a way

As to express this uniqueness, within the limits of my

Potential, or within what I believe are the limits of my potential.


The answer is simple, He tells me, if you choose well.

Simply be yourself.


Now, If I only knew how to do that.


Karma Rules

Spirit tells me that so-called free will is often misunderstood.


Some people claim the right to do whatever they choose to,

Regardless of how their choices may negatively affect

The lives of others, or our natural environment.


They have obviously failed to read the fine print that

Holds them responsible for consequences.


All Universal Laws, He tells me, are interconnected –

A package deal, with no options or exceptions, and

Karma rules.


All stress is a response to experience

Spirit tells me that all stress is a response to experience, but

Experience itself does not necessarily create stress.


How we choose to respond to experiences that Life

Provides us with, and we seem to respond differently to

Similar situations at different times, determines how

Stressful each experience will be.


I have a problem with that explaination.




Choosing suggests rational thought.




But, how can we choose an emotional response?


Why would you choose an emotional response?


Surely an emotional response is a more immediate and

Natural expression of how I experience whatever situation.

Doesn’t emotion have to come before thought?






Emotion may be triggered by experience, but thought

Would determine how to respond.




Always. even when thought allows emotion to have its way.






Not all apples are alike

Spirit tells me that I must learn to judge people as I would

Fruit at a market. Not all apples are alike.


So it is with people. We do not choose produce according

To how we would like it to be, but by how it seems to be,

Now. Quality is more or less self-evident.


We may be more or less than we once were, and we may

Become more or less than what we now are, in whatever

Aspect of our being.


But, for now we are as we are, or seem to be. So it is

With everyone.


Those who have eyes to see are, at least to some extent,

Responsible for what they see, and, for how they respond

To what they see. It’s as simple as that.

Awareness comes before response

Spirit tells me that awareness always comes

Before response, however limited or distorted

That awareness might be.


Knowing that it’s raining outside may inspire us

To dress appropriately for that particular

Weather condition, before we open the door.

Or, we may choose to remain indoors until

The rain decides to stop.


We adapt, each in our own way and to an

Individual degree, to whatever situation

Life presents us with.


We choose how and why to face it, or not to,

Or, at least not yet.


Is one of us stalling for time?


Yes, you are.



Listen to the Energy

Spirit asks me to make an early New Year Resolution;

To choose to accept what my inner awareness seems to

Insist on what my reluctant and more or less conformist and

Wishy-washy personality fears, for whatever reason or

Reasons, to accept as true, or to face the truth that I

Cannot deny, that everything that anyone says or does

Is designed to present a false image if the essential

Energy of what they say or do does not harmonize with

The strength and frequency of their own essence.


Resolve, He asks me, to listen to the energy, and

He assures me, it can and will become as second

Nature to me, for it was designed for that purpose.


I may be a total failure at keeping this pledge, but

I will if I can and as much as I can. However,

Spirit needs to also pledge to remind me

Whenever I slip up, and it will likely be often.

I would not put any money on my short-term

Success, but I intend it to become a way of life,

Sooner or later – probably more later than sooner.



Consumerism as a life without purpose

Consumerism, Spirit tells me, is an addiction in that

It is a lifestyle without soul, without purpose other than

To possess more and more of what is destined and

Designed to become out of style, obsolete and

Requiring replacement by a newer model of whatever,

That, in a very short time, will also be without value.


And yet, He tells me, our society has come to

Depend, almost for its financial survival, upon

Producers and advertisers of unnecessary

Consumer goods, whose mission

Statement seems to be to create a need

For such in the minds of the general

Population- the so-called masses.


However, Spirit advises, when I suggest

The masses are victims of advertising,

He corrects me with the reality that

They choose, for whatever reason,

To play the game.


No easy way out

Spirit tells me that

When we choose to take

An easy way out of

An otherwise difficult

Situation, that decision

Could have a long-term

Negative (not so easy) effect

(or consequence).


We could be creating

Future problems for ourselves

(and who wants that)

That might prove to be

Directly related to

Our refusal to face

Difficult situations when

They first visit us.