Introduction to Simple Seeker Society

The purpose or mission statement of Simple Seeker Society is to provide a format for interaction between myself, as the original simple seeker, and enthusiastic readers of the Simple Seeker series – Spirit Teaches a Simple Seeker – Thirty-Three Lessons of life, with each book presenting thirty-three so-called lessons. Spirit tells me that there will be books beyond the three times thirty-three lessons. Spirit’s Radical I Ching will follow, and then, perhaps there may even be a book on Kabbalah and Tarot. Who knows what the future might bring? Not me.

Spirit now tells me that there will be a beginner’s book on psychology for a new age – Spirit Teaches a Simple Seeker Psychology for a New Age.

ThisSimple Seeke Society is not yet an up and running reality, but I want to be prepared for the day when readers will have questions about Spirit’s teaching, and may also wish to share personal stories of their own along the path of spiritual development.

As a group, it’s my belief, that we can help each other to understand and cope with life’s problems. I like to think that the society will develop into a self-help group in which we each and all are as both students and teachers of life, for, in reality, we are. And, even beyond the roles of students and teachers, we are/will or may be developing into a simple seeker of our own. I may just have been chosen to play the original role, as were certain actors chosen to play the first James Bond, or Tarzan. We’re not that original, and yet, some of us seem more suited to a particular role in life than do some others. Not everyone can become a typical nurse, teacher, bus driver, etc. And, we each likely play many more roles than one during our lifetime, and even at the same time, more and/or less. Our working personality may be set aside when we return home to provide care for family and home, or just to unwind with friends and/or hobbies.

Another idea I have for the group is for us each to take turns, depending upon whether we wish to openly contribute. Some may prefer to plat the role of silent witness, for now. Some might even enjoy playing the role of Spirit, that mystery person in my life who seems to have all the answers to any question that I’m able to ask. There is also the possiblility that spirit will channel answers to some of your questions, through me, if it doesn’t make you feel too uncomfortable. He would set up the guidelines as to what he’s prepared ti disuss with any particular person. I don’t want it to become a group reading, or seance. Spirit did once ask me if I would be a trance medium for him. I declined. It wasn’t my stile. I’d be out of it, while everyone else actively participated. I was selfish. I’m still selfish, and yet, not as much so as I once was. I’d be willing to give it a go, if that’s possible with us all being physically disconnected.

To make the group feel as a group, perhaps we need to develop a group mantra, or something like that, and/or guidelines to help us keep on topic; whatever topic we wander into.

As for all the posts that are now on this page, that are not related to Simple Seeker Society, their days are numbered. I’m a slow learner and am over my head in trying to develop this page, not to mention this potential group, but until someone else comes along who knows more what they’re doing, and is willing to release me from the responsibility, I’ll just have to keep on keeping on, in my own limited way.

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