How High is High Enough?

The ground beneath us will always be there. Where? In our mind, in some form or another, so Spirit tells me.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Spirit’s lesson for today relates to I Ching Hexagram 47 – Exhaustion.

The yin trigram Lake is above yang Water.

“They say the road of love is rocky and it’s rough, but if this road

don’t start to get smooth, then I’ve traveled it long enough”

is part of an old song that I can relate to regarding my ongoing

struggle with my spirit teacher as he guides me along the way

to enlightenment. But, what if He’s just luring me down

a garden path that never ends?

That’s exactly what my intentions are.

But, why?

You were ready.

As in “when the student …”


Why didn’t I know there would be so much painful,

experiential content to the lessons?

Struggle is necessary.

But, I’m exhausted. Can’t we rest a little.

No. To rest is to lose ground.

I’m losing touch with ground moving.

That’s not possible.


The ground beneath us will…

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