They Each Reach for the other

The Tao and the Kabbalah Tree of Life share a similar mystical language in describing human spiritual development reaching up, while sacred forces reach down to assist.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

A simple seeker was experiencing images floating through her mind
as her Spirit teacher explained to her the deep meaning behind
the top triad of sephiroth, or energy centres, of he Kabbalah
Tree of Life.

Then she remembered that Lao Tzu had also spoken of the Tao
using similar language. It made her feel just a little clever
at connecting the two mystical traditions.

The one Tao becomes two and then the two becomes three, and
from three come the ten thousand things, or everything else.


It sounds like a business tycoon thinking of possible future profits.

It’s about creation.

Of what?

Life, and a way of life.

It sounds so mysterious, and why does this trickle-down effect
come from the top when our personal development begins at the

They each reach for the other.

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