Experience as a Teacher

We all, at least to some extent, aspire towards higher levels of personal skills. Envy is seeing the qualities in others that we want for ourselves.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

This simple seeker was admiring, in her mind (but, where else
could she admire anything), a beautiful pink rose that someone
had generously shared on Twitter. But, as beautiful as the flower
was, there was something else going on. Envy was slipping into
the picture.

What’s wrong with envy?

I want to be able to appreciate the skills of others without
wishing that I also possessed them.

Do you envy everyone’s skills?

No, just the ones that I wish I, too, possessed.

Why don’t you possess the skills you admire?

Some people may have more natural talent than do others.

Some people may be unaware of what so-called natural talents
they do possess.

It isn’t possible for me to develop all the talents I admire
in others.

Have you tried?

There would never be enough time for that, and …

Yes, it would pull your focus from what you now…

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