A Personal History Book

Spirit shares words of wisdom with me that seem so deep and yet expressed in words simple enough even for me, a simple seeker
and slow learner, to almost understand.

He tells me that knowing is not a matter of faith. We know
that wounds hurt for we have experienced their pain, both
physical and emotional wounds.

Physical pain is felt through our physical senses while
emotional pain is a mental state and is often learned and
developed through habit.

How do we learn emotional pain?

It’s a socially acquired skill.

If you offend me and I feel distressed, then I have learned
to feel distressed, and you’re not the cause?


Who taught me?

You taught yourself.

Then, everyone would feel offended for the same reason?

Not necessarily.


You couldn’t offend me.

Perhaps you’ve developed immunity to offence.

There are other labels.

Such as?

Tolerance, patience, understanding, compassion, …
The list goes on.

You didn’t include awareness.



The examples I provided each require a certain depth
of awareness.

The problem with that approach, or at least one problem,
is that it would seem to require a certain detachment
from the emotional state of the offender, as well as
from oneself.

Why would that be a problem?

It would suggest a certain lack of sensitivity.

Not necessarily so.

Please explain.

As we become increasingly aware of the path, then we can
listen to what some might call offence, calmly, and feel
compassion for the distress of the other. As Confucius
might say, “No blame”.

How is that possible?

As we develop an ever more clear vision, we can see in many
more directions than one.The present arrived from the
past and we each are as a personal history book that
those who have eyes to see can read, and we all can and
will develop eyes that see, sooner or later, and from
a unique perspective.

I’m not ready for that quality of insight, yet.

aught me? urs

We’re All In This Together

Only on the surface do our individual worlds of illusion appear to be separate.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

Our simple seeker was meditating on her Spirit teacher’s explanation
Of their relationship. He didn’t need physical existence or human form,
He told her.


I use you as ballast, to connect to your particular world of illusion.

If my world is one of illusion and I can, reluctantly accept that it is,for it often seems to be, then others, or at least some others
must also be living in a personal world of illusion.

Yes. The soundless answer moved into her mind as her inkless
communicating pen moved as His energy, not hers, directed it,
in unison across the page. We each seem to intuitively know that
our so-called individual world is intricately connected to everyone
else’s world, even though surface appearances deny this reality.

Only on the surface do our individual worlds of illusion appear
to be separate. Beneath this illusion there is a common root
that holds…

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We Choose to Share, or Do We?

Spirit tells me that dynamic interaction requires inequality; transient or otherwise, of each and all of the individual energies in the choices we make. We? We share the choice and the outcome.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Spirit shares His understanding of the timeless wisdom
expressed within the I Ching Hexagram 18 – Degeneration.

Degeneration follows Following (17) and develops into
Overseeing (19).

Mountain (yang) is over Wind (yin).

Isn’t that curious?

That yang is above yin? or that Wind is below Mountain?


Then, what is curious.

The construction of the hexagram.

What about the construction of the hexagram?

Mountain contains one yang holding down two yin
while Wind contains one yin holding up two yang.

It doesn’t work that way.

Then, how does it work?

Life works at its finest when we learn to care for
others; even those who seem to oppress us.

Where does Degeneration fit into this concept
of life.

The second line is yang and the fifth line is yin.
The fifth line is the line of leadership and having
a complement on the second line provides for a sharing

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The Way it Is

Spirit tells me that we each are as rays of the sun
but not separate from the sun in any real way other
than the direction we may choose to face. The sun,
He tells me, has power to pull its rays home.

Life, too, is like that. We each live an individual
existence only in our own mind and, perhaps in the
minds of some others. But no number or individual or
group illusions alters the reality of the illusion.

If The Solution is Trust …

The truth is that I’m not very good at trusting.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

Our simple seeker has returned home. It was time out.
Even Spirit seemed to approve of family time.

She was worried that she might; no, she new she didn’t
have the power or will to totally disconnect from Spirit.
And she knew that He knew it, too.

Another thought seemed to suggest itself; that the very
close relationship – could it be described as intimate?
Whatever …

Spirit closed off her train of thought, as if it had been
as pouring from a kitchen tap. Our simple seeker was,
as always, impressed by Spirit’s power to control, at least
to some extent, her thinking. But, she complained to herself,
my mind is not as a water tank.

What were you thinking about.

I can’t remember, exactly. Yes, now I do, about our

Yes. You were not considering it as of high value.

She was suddenly shaken. Somehow she must…

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Many Ways Become One

Claiming that all roads lead to wherever does not necessarily mean they remain separate all the way.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Spirit shares His understanding of the timeless wisdom
expressed within the I Ching Hexagram 13 – Association.

Heaven is above and Fire is below. Heaven represents
powerful yang. Fire is yin, but by no means weak.

Association follows Obstruction (12) in the order of
the hexagrams that unfold the stories of our life, both
individually and collectively.

Fire has power to consume, but Heaven, representing
cosmic energy, or cosmic consciousness, has the power,
and uses it wisely, to subsume all inferior powers
within itself.

And, all other powers are inferior?


I sense that you have chosen number 13 knowing that it
also represents the Death card in Tarot.

Yes, and yet the so-called Death card in Tarot
expresses change.

Death to an old way of thinking?

Death to an old way of being, or, rather, death to
a non-way of being.

How can there be such a thing?


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Another Way to See The Tree

Law as form is structure and a foundation, while essence has potential to expand and deepen, after the form is acknowledged; and then, perhaps, adapted to meet changing circumstances.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

“Existence comes before essence”. Who said that?

Likely an existentialist.

Our simple seeker was aware that her Spirit teacher
did not seem to approve of assigning names as credits.
Ideas come to us; we do not go to them, or create them
from nothing, He kept reminding her. What we do with
them is our choice.

Perhaps His position on this and other matters is
intended as a gentle or otherwise put-down, she thought,
on her tendency toward hero-worship.

You don’t call your parents by their personal names.

That’s different.


Calling them mother and father or, more casually, mom
and dad, is a cultural tradition; perhaps a step toward
learning to respect authority and those who have
earned it, one way or another.

Our simple seeker suspected that Spirit was intentionally
distracting her from her focus on Kabbalah and The Tree
of Life.

The Kabbalah has much in common…

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Reason Does Not Express Itself

I may never know why Spirit chooses to share His understanding
of spiritual philosophy with me, but I hope I will be eternally
grateful to Him for helping me to understand His deep thoughts
in a form simple enough for me to learn.

The wisdom He shares with me is not His, alone, He tells me.
He claims that all that He has learned has been shared with
Him, as it was with those who taught Him what He now shares
with me. It belongs to everyone who cares to claim it.

Problems arise, He tells me, when the knowledge we each absorb
from whomever or whatever source is filtered through and
modified by our unique understanding, that has necessarily
developed through personal experience.

How can what is necessary be a problem?

Not in itself.

How, then?

The problem arises when we seek to share what we know
or think we know, with others.

But, surely we need to share …

Yes, we need to share our unique understanding, at least
with those who seem to be aware of …

Can awareness be shared?

In the story of Buddha and the rose, the rose expressed
something to the teacher that he wished to share with
his followers …

And only one student responded with a smile at the beauty
of the flower.

Yes. Th others were all aware that it was a beautiful rose,
but were …

Trying to rationalize what message it was meant to teach.

Yes, appreciation of beauty for its own sake requires
emotional maturity.

Beauty express itself and reason does not?


velops when we seek to share what we know

Difficulty Now or Disaster Later

A little difficulty now may prevent disaster later, or at least prepare for it.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Spirit shares His understanding of the timeless wisdom
expressed within the I Ching hexagram 3 – Difficulty.

Difficulty follows The Receptive (2) in the order of the
hexagrams and merges with Immaturity (4).

Water is over Thunder. Both are active yang energies.
Together, in this situation, they act as a thunder storm
where water pours and thunder roars.

It would be a difficulty for anyone outdoors in such

Yes, unless they are prepared.

How can we prepare for difficulties before we are aware …

Awareness is a prerequisite to preparedness.

But, a thunderstorm is only one of possibly
countless difficult situations we may have to
suddenly face. We surely can’t be aware of
them all before they appear.

Where do they appear from?

Sometimes, they seem to come from nowhere.

Nothing comes from nowhere.

That sounds like the words of a song,
“Nothing comes from nothing…”

Words of truth.

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Reaching For The Light

Spirit tells me that I need to learn to live in community
in a mutually satisfactory way, with all others who are
also living, or trying to live, within the same conditions.

How’s that possible where I am?

Where are you?

Below ground level, it seems, in the mud of a bog,
entangled within roots of weeds, as well as among
roots of more respected plants, who are each also
striving to live their life, their way.

All ways are one way.

Which is?

Reaching for the light.