Awareness as a thermometer; not a thermostat, until …

We set a thermometer for personal comfort. Spirit suggests that we also set our level of awareness according to our personal comfort level of truth. Something to think about.

Simple Seeker Society

Spirit tells me that personal awareness is as a thermometer,
not a thermostat until …

Until what?

Until it is programmed.

How does one program awareness?

How does one program a thermostat?

It contains a built-in thermometer and when the measured
heat level reaches or drops to a preset temperature, then
the thermostat kicks in, or turns on, to maintain
the chosen level of heat.

Why is a particular level of heat chosen?

For personal comfort.


How does that relate to awareness?

Everyone is aware, at a chosen comfort level.

Then, how can we raise our awareness?

Adjust your personal comfort level.

Of what?


You’re getting personal.


But, it hurts.

Of course it hurts, until you let go.

Of my illusions?


But, how?

With love.

How can love help?

Not just love, unconditional love.

How does it work?

We love some stories that we know are…

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Choosing Doesn’t Create Value

Choosing doesn’t necessarily create value. Spirit tells me that depends upon how much was at stake in the choice.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

A simple seeker of enlightenment was meditating
on the Tarot Eight of cups, comparing different
interpretations. But, the emotional results were
always the same; a sense of excitement and distress
at one and the same time, or of one mood rapidly
Replacing the other in her mind. Why?

Are you asking me?

No. I was thinking to myself, but according to some,
it’s the same thing.

Is it?

No. I would know.

What does it mean to know?

I would have experience and I would have learned
from it.

Perhaps you have.

Regarding choosing change rather than it choosing me?


But, I never choose lightly.

The choice would have no value if you did.

But, does choosing necessarily create value?

That depends.

On what?

On how much is at stake in the choice.

How can we know for sure?

There is no knowing for sure.

But, the choice must…

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A Simple Seeker Connects

So, what’s the solution to a peaceful transition from what was to what might yet be? Spirit tells me there is no peaceful way. Winner takes all.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

A simple but sincere seeker of a higher level of
personal spiritual development somehow came under
the influence of a spirit guru whose understanding
of life seemed to be …

What do you mean by “seemed to be”?

Perhaps I don’t yet know what the limits of my own
understanding of life really are.

How is it possible not to know your own limits?

Perhaps I’ve been socially conditioned to accept less
of myself and my capacity for thought than possibly

Why would that have happened?

Not necessarily through the failure of anyone’s intent
to teach me, unless …

Unless what?

Parents and early educators usually seek to serve the best
interests of the community when teaching children what
to think and how to relate to their world.

Wouldn’t it be in the best interests of the community
for children to be taught as much about life as they

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Messengers and Teachers

Spirit shares gems of wisdom with me. Why? I don’t know,
but I’m glad he does.

He tells me that I’m not the one who’s directing His
traffic, nor is He directing mine, except …

Except what?

Not what, but how and why? We each serve a higher
purpose than our own.

I’m free, He tells me, to choose to listen to Him
and the teachings that He would share with me,
or not to listen. He’s a messenger and the teachings
He shares with me, for whatever reason, are far
beyond a one-to-one personal correspondence. they are
also meant for whomever cares to hear them and to
consider their value. They were never, He repeats,
designed for me, alone.

Why me at all?

You seemed to be ready.

Can you be both a messenger and a teacher of the
messages you share with me?

Is a teacher not as a messenger to his or her

Yes. I see. The teacher must first have received
the messages she or he now shares with students.


Withdrawal Isn’t Retreat

Knowing when to resist the temptation to advance, when such advance seems unwise, at this time; to withdraw, re-group, and prepare to move forward when opportunity presents itself, requires wisdom.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Spirit shares His understanding of the timeless wisdom
expressed within the I Ching Hexagram 33 – Withdrawal.

Heaven is above and Mountain is below. Both express
yang energy.

Withdrawal develops out of Constancy (32) in the order
of the hexagrams, and forms the foundation for
Great Power (34).

Withdrawal from battle is not necessarily to retreat.
A proven and respected martial arts strategy requires
knowing when to resist the temptation to advance when
such advance seems unwise, at this time. To withdraw,
re-group, and prepare to move forward when opportunity
presents itself, requires wisdom.

A need for time out?

Who is teaching whom?

You are, I hope.

And who seems to need time out?



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A Dynamic Relationship

Awareness is understanding the reality that the individual and collective are as two parts of an infinite oneness, within which they share a dynamic relationship to each other.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

Our simple seeker was enjoying the privacy of her secluded
garden, while meditating on the mystery of Tarot.

How did you manage to move your focus from The Hermit, as a
solitary seeker of enlightenment to comparing Aces?

The Major Arcana, which includes The Hermit, relates to
general personality characteristics, while …

Did I ask…?

The Aces introduce each of the four suits of the Minor Arcana,
and offer a sacred gift – a promise, almost.

How could a gift or promise be sacred and still be no more
than an almost?

It’s not for sale; at least it can’t be purchased.

Then, how does one receive a gift that isn’t free and yet
can’t be purchased?

It’s a promise of reward if effort is made to follow one’s
dream or path, and is meant to inspire self-confidence.

How does Taro differ from I Ching?

You’re asking me?



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Awareness Inspires Us

To understand what it is that we observe and why it has attracted our attention requires a mental form of biting through.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Spirit shares His understanding of the timeless wisdom
expressed within the I Ching Hexagram 21 – Biting Through.

Fire is above and Thunder is below, suggesting a problematic
situation requiring intention to respond to whatever
challenge presents itself.

Biting Through develops out of Observing (20) and becomes
the foundation of Adornment (22).

Wow! Each of these three situations or conditions seems
totally unrelated to the other two. How can there be any
sense of progression?

There isn’t any.

Then, how are they connected to each other?

When we observe whatever, we focus our attention, and that
in itself is a necessary step in learning anything. But, as
important as it is, it is never enough. We must then attempt
to understand what it is that we observe, and why it has
attracted our attention. This requires a mental form of
biting through.

Where does Adornment fit into this interpretation?


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Initiation Brings Transformation

Is there no difference between me and my mind? Spirit claims that we’re each and all a part of one mind.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

Our simple seeker was meditating on possible differences
between the concepts of initiation and transformation, and,
if in fact …

If there were differences, then what would they be?

I’ve been asking myself that question.

Sometimes it helps when an outside …

You’re hardly an outside voice.

How do you know?

I can feel your thought.


A single energy.

Perhaps we’re each and all part of a single energy.

Perhaps, but …

Perhaps but what?

How does that relate to, if it does, the differences,
if there are any, between initiation and transformation?

Even as you ask, I sense awareness developing within you.

You might have pulled a curtain back.

From within you or from within your mind?

Is there a difference?

No, none at all.

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