Ego as Our Life Force

Ego is the central mover and pusher of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. We can’t do or even feel anything without our individual life force – ego.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

A simple seeker was meditating on the card she had pulled
randomly from her tarot deck – a lone figure with a lantern.

Do you know what lived experience The Hermit expresses?

I seem to relate to it.

In what way?

As a solitary seeker.

How can you consider yourself to be solitary while I’m
part of your life?.

It’s possible to be alone in a crowd.

We’re not a crowd.

What difference does it make?

To what?

Aloneness in thought.

What about aloneness in emotion?

What about it?

If you can feel alone in thought …

You slipped “feel” in.

Yes, to prove a point.

That thoughts aren’t isolated from emotions?

Yes. They each are one of two sides of the same reality.

The reality of …?

Our state of mind.

I sense “ego” coming into the picture.

Yes. Ego is the central mover and pusher of our thoughts,

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