Tension is not Necessarily Stress

Medication or meditation in response to stress?

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

Spirit shares a grass-roots vision of life.

The Tarot card Page of Wands looked strangely familiar
and yet it was a young boy dressed up in clothes that he
did not seem to feel comfortable wearing.

What does it say to us?

It wouldn’t say the same to me as it would to you.

How do you know? Or, do you?

What does that mean?

When anything or anyone speaks to our inner knowing,
we are receiving a message, and we know it.

Can it be an important message?

It’s always more than important. It is vital to our
self-interest and to our personal world.

That would create inner tension.


Who wants inner tension?

It’s not a case of wanting.

Then, needing?


Why do we need inner stress?

There’s a difference between stress and tension.

In degree?

In cause. The situation may cause tension and …

Ignoring the…

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