There are no future lives

There are worlds beyond worlds, but only one life to live, and to live for.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

I Ching 56 – Travel follows Abundance and leads to Wind.

Spirit explains:
Abundance can develop stagnation or restlessness.
What does one do with one’s life after one has achieved enough
and has accumulated enough of society’s rewards to almost satisfy
one’s soul, and yet feel that something is missing.

Perhaps it’s time to dare to open our eyes and to dare to allow
ourselves to accept that material and even physical health can
become as a trap that limits our growth and our incentive to move
beyond the confines of conventional limits of awareness

We seem to intuitively know that if we will allow ourselves to see,
there are worlds beyond worlds waiting for us to discover them.

Wow! Are we talking about possible future lives?

There are no future lives. There are no lives. There is, was, and
always will be only one…

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