Unethical Advertising

Unethical advertising manufactures need.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Spirit shares His understanding of I Ching 43 – Removal.

Lake is over Heaven. Lake is the youngest Yin and
Heaven is the most powerful Yang.

Yin, in this instance is as a butterfly on a rock.
What interaction or common ground can the two share?
Frail over solid.

A rock is not easily crushed or moved, but neither can
it move itself, while a butterfly is easily crushed but
it has power to move itself out of danger; lightness
and mobility over power and immobility.

Removal follows Increase and develops into Meeting.

That’s a curious sequential order.

How so?

I can understand that increase can become clutter and
requiring downsizing, or removal of whatever no longer
serves us well, but how does this lead to Meeting?

Meeting is coming together.

With whom or what?


Of what?

Of what is necessary or desirable and useful, and what is

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