Social Responsibility is Self-Serving

Social responsibility is a two-way street, or way of life.

Simple Seeker Society

Spirit shares perennial wisdom with me, and
perhaps, some others.

He tells me that whatever we do as work or play,
we do to serve ourselves.

Some people seem to need to do whatever
without much, or any pleasure, but from
a sense of responsibility to self or others.


Social conditioning?


Then, why?

We each connect to everyone else, with
or without social conditioning. That serves
to remind us of this connection.
It doesn’t create it.

Then, how does this serve ourselves?

To serve ourselves well requires that
some others also benefit.


It helps to protect us from losing
what we have to others, who might
seek to serve only themselves.

So, sharing with others implies
a reciprocal understanding?

Yes. You help me and I’ll help you.

Should I ever need your help?

Yes, and you will, or might.

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