We Learn to Know What Isn’t True

We may not yet know the truth about Life but we know a lot that isn’t true.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

It was a glorious day in early May. Vancouver was at its finest. Rhodos and azaleas were almost in bloom, having given others the spotlight before moving into their glory.

Georgia felt a spiritual bonding to azaleas and rhododendrons, and som other shad-loving plants. Shte, too, preferred to avoid direct sunlight. It seemed to be a too in-you-face brilliance. But, she felt great pleasure as a witness to the life the sun seemed to send to all that its rays could reach.

She adored her secluded balcony that provided her the pleasure of seeing the world move by, just a few feet away, while remaining hidden from view,behind her vines and flowers.

Spirit deserves praise, respect, and perhaps much more for the pleasure this almost sacred place, she thought, almost scolding herself for not expressing enough gratitude for her blessings.

But, then, she considered, what if Spirit had nothing to…

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