Harmony is Balance Wthout Equality

Each energy serves it own role in contributing to deeper awareness and acceptance of Life’s purpose. With is? Read the post.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

Spirit was moving too fast (again) in His explanation
of the meaning behind the symbolic language of the
Kabbalah Tree of Life and the Ladder of Light, which
contains several trees within or on the Ladder.
The books generally refer to four trees but Spirit
claims there are many more than four times four.

Understanding symbolism was not one of our simple
seeker’s strongest attributes.She was totally over
her head, and yet she could not let go of the need
to understand. She seemed to sense a deeper than
life, if that is possible, meaning behind the images
that floated through her mind as her spirit teacher
described the interrelationships of the very human
and simple surface qualities and potentialities that
we each contain, or are.

Our awareness expands and rises up the Pillar of
Consciousness much as mercury rises in a thermometer
as temperatures rise. It is a Law…

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