Now do you understand Kabbalah?

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

Now do you understand Kabbalah?

You know I’m totally over my head and I can’t swim.

Then relax and let your mind float until you develop more skill.

Our simple seeker was reading The Practical Kabbalah guidebook, by C.J.M. Hopking, and was puzzled about the author explaining that the trees representing each of the Four Worlds interpenetrated each other. Fortunately, for Georgia, the author quoted CG Jung as saying that “problems which we encounter on our path of spiritual growth :are not solved, they are transcended.” Georgia felt quite smug about connecting Jung’s thought to the way each of the worlds on the Ladder of Light emerged from the one beneath it, except for the bottom one, of course.

Spirit seemed to take credit for planting the insight in her mind. Yes, from the one tree, which represents a path to spiritual wisdom, higher and ever higher levels of awareness…

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