Alone if Necessary

Perhaps tens of thousands of young people are vulnerable to being pulled into causes not in their own best interest, or in the best interest of their society, because they seem to need to do something more with their life than they are now doing. How to protect them from extreme and socially-destructive so-called causes?

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

A simple seeker was meditating on the concept
of serving a sacred cause, alone, if necessary,
but not necessarily alone.

What cause?

I don’t know.

Then, how can you even think about, let alone
feel self-satisfied, as you seem to, at the
prospect of serving an unknown cause.

I don’t know, but I do.

So, all that is missing is the cause?

The cause? Not a cause?

Could it be any cause?


Then, that narrows the field, somewhat.

You’re mocking me.


But, I do seem to need to do something
with my life.

You have.

What have I done?

You have lived.

But, so has everyone else.

Yes, but with a difference.

And the difference is?

Everyone lives his or her own life.

And I have lived mine?


But, that relates to the past.

Are you not living now?

in the present?

Where else can you live…

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