Beauty and Evil

A simple seeker (myself) seeks simple answers from Spirit, to life’s not-so-simple problems.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

A simple seeker was meditating on something
that St. Augustine was supposed to have said,
that all evil has a reason.

You seem to have difficulty accepting
that reality, chela.

Reason sounds so overly deliberate
and intentional.

Is there a difference?

Intention sounds predetermined.

And deliberate?

Perhaps in the heat of the moment?

As a reaction rather than as a response?


And intentional as …?

Either way it would then have to have had
a pre-existing cause?


But, a cause is not a justification but
just something that came before.




Please explain.

The number two comes before three three in simple
number progression but it does not cause three.

Three is just the next number following two?


What has that to do with evil?



Evil is a consciously intentional and extreme
form of violence.

That explanation seems to separate the evil

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Independence is Never Disconnection

Spirit tells me that, once, when we were young,
we praised the concept of independence and that
now we are aware of the unavoidable reality of

How to resolve the problem?

What problem?

The need to be in relationship and still
feel independent of that relationship?

It isn’t possible.


Relationships require a degree of overlap
of personal interests, desires, or goals.

Is a relationship a midway point between
independence and connection?

A relationship is a connection.

In what way?

In our attitude toward whatever or
whomever we feel related to.

Isn’t it possible to feel neither for
nor against someone or something?


What about a middle way?

There is no middle way.

Then why did the ancient wisdom teachers
speak of a middle way?

To lure their people from extremes.

Then, independence and connection are as
yang and yin?

In what way?

In that neither can exist independently
from the other except in degrees of

Yes. Each contains the other and
continuously moves either toward
or away from being completely absorbed
by the other.

The incoming tide becomes the outgoing

Yes, just as the full moon seems to
continuously empty and refill itself.

There is only one shape to the moon,
even though it appears to be shaped
differently at different times?


Does that suggest that independence
and connection are as different sides
of the same coin?


The Life of Walk and Talk with Spirit

An early post revisited. It expresses a difference of opinion between myself and my highly respected Spirit Teacher that still exists, or seems to.

Simple Seeker Society

It was going to be the adventure of a lifetime,

my lifetime.

It was never about money, and yet,

Money is a necessity, or

The means to the necessities

Of life. After all,

What can you do without money,

In our society?

I wanted to write about Spirit.

I seemed to need to write about Spirit and

About his intensely wise philosophy of

Simple living, but

How simple is still satisfying is

Where we disagreed.

He could, it seemed,

More easily talk the talk than

I could or can walk his walk.

There has to be a middle way

I tell Him. Even Buddha

Was aware of that.

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Intentionally or Otherwise

My spirit teacher tells me that we are whom we are,
intentionally or otherwise, and that we each share
with the world we live in and are a part of
the essence of our life.

A rose is a rose even when it has been planted
among vegetables, and a sheep grazing with cattle
is still a sheep.

But, He tells me, a rose growing among vegetables
has an opportunity to become aware of being
different from her or his neighbours, as does
a single sheep among cattle, in a way
that would not have been possible if they each
had been surrounded only by their own kind.

Is this about individuality?

In what way?

Awareness of our uniqueness.

Yes and no.

Please explain.


No. Why?

Why what?

Please explain why awareness of being different
from those around us is not about uniqueness.

Each of the cattle and vegetable plants
are also unique in some way.

But, not nearly to the extent that a different
animal or plant would feel.

Were we talking about feeling unique
or being unique?

How is one possible without the other?

Awareness or lack of.

How can awareness change reality?

Awareness is reality.