Beauty and Evil

A simple seeker (myself) seeks simple answers from Spirit, to life’s not-so-simple problems.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

A simple seeker was meditating on something
that St. Augustine was supposed to have said,
that all evil has a reason.

You seem to have difficulty accepting
that reality, chela.

Reason sounds so overly deliberate
and intentional.

Is there a difference?

Intention sounds predetermined.

And deliberate?

Perhaps in the heat of the moment?

As a reaction rather than as a response?


And intentional as …?

Either way it would then have to have had
a pre-existing cause?


But, a cause is not a justification but
just something that came before.




Please explain.

The number two comes before three three in simple
number progression but it does not cause three.

Three is just the next number following two?


What has that to do with evil?



Evil is a consciously intentional and extreme
form of violence.

That explanation seems to separate the evil

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