Diversity Beyond Unity is Powerless

The Law of One expresses the reality that we do not exist alone. There is no diversity beyond unity, but we can be as diverse as we care to be, within unity.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

My Spirit Teacher shares His understanding of
I Ching Hexagram 2 – The Receptive.

There is no Yang in The Receptive. It is Yin
all the way from bottom to top.

This contrasts with Hexagram 1 – The Creative,
which is Yang all the way.

The Creative represents Heaven and
The Receptive represents Earth.

Each serves its own unique function, and yet,
each requires the other.

Power and flexibility working together?

Power and flexibility require each other.
Neither can achieve much without the other.

Then, cooperation is desirable?

Cooperation is a prerequisite to achieving
anything worth achieving.

What Universal Law would express this idea?

It is more than an idea; it is reality.

Then, what Universal Law would express or
explain this reality.

Realities do not require explanation They are.

Is this reality expressed with a Universal Law.


Which Law?

The Law of One.

The Law of One?


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