What Happens Next?

With this final post of the year 2014 I must share with you my gratitude, not only to my sometimes difficult Spirit teacher, but also to Cheng Yi for his interpretation of the ancient classic I Ching, The Book of Change, and to Thomas Cleary for his translation. Spirit uses this text as a reference point, or general framework, within which he expounds his own understanding of the relevance this ancient wisdom has for today’s so-called modern society. Also, I give thanks to you, for following.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

A spirit teacher shares His I Ching wisdom with me.

Today’s focus is on the life situation expressed by
Hexagram 18 – Degeneration.

Mountain is over Wind. Yang is over Yin.

And yet, Wind is a restless yin, not easily …



Mountain is steadfast. It doesn’t seek control.

It is blocking the way.

Wind is able to move around the mountain.

So, we can each stand firm, without intent to block
others, who can if they wish to, do their own thing
without our approval or co-operation?

Yes. We each are responsible to ourselves and to our
own higher purpose; to remain firm, without seeking
to direct others, who may choose to follow a path of
their own.

Why is such a situation described as degeneration?
This name seems to suggest …

The end of a period of growth?


Because it is.

Then, where do we go…

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