2 thoughts on “Life Lessons Learnt #3 & #4

  1. You are a beautiful soul & obviously very connected with spirit which is AWESOME! I too have my “god” or “spirit” who I hear I call him “big daddy bro” & my angels & guide, my angels have beautiful wings & look like angels & my guide is a ancient Native American Sharmen I call “Tuppa” as his name is WAY to long yet involves this haha I am very new to all this, I have seen passed over people since I was a child but always shuved it away & told myself I was crazy but in the past year BAM it’s switched on no more hiding even if I wanted! I’m getting messages from people’s loved ones, guidance from big daddy bro, my angels & guide & if I ignore it LOOK OUT they make a point of making little things go wrong etc & show up smirking like “I told you so, & you know it so stop trying to run & deal with it” it’s all very new to me & I’m doing my best to adjust but it’s hard when people around you don’t seem to be going through any of it or really understand & your always left thinking “do they think I’m crazy?” It’s to the point now when I’m trying to sleep they are poking me saying “hey can you tell such & such this” & “the world needs to know such & such” (hence begining a blog” they have shown me my future & why I’m here my “soul purpose” just trying to fill in the in between here & now steps to get there at the minute… With there love & guidance & mochary haha I don’t know about yours but mine are smartarses who love a good laugh!
    Adjusting to this new life in general!
    Lots of love, light & blessings
    Rosey xxx

    • Dear Rosey, Thank you for your beautiful comment. I Wish I was a beautiful soul, so that must mean that I’m not, at least not yet. What would it look like, Spirit would ask me, and I honestly don’t know. I’m pleased to hear that you have accepted your connection as a blessing and as an opportunity to share with others the wisdom (there are, you’ve discovered, some things you might not want to share with others – perhaps it is as with any so-called normal relationship. Some interactions are intended to be very personal, and others are meant to be shared, or are least could be. You are moving very quickly. To be blogging. I struggled (intellectually) for more than 20 years before I was ready to share what He was, with difficulty, teaching me. I am a slow learner, and you will know that they can test your stupidity (I have walked into ten thousand traps). It’s to help us learn to think for ourselves, and not just accept what we are told, no matter who tells us, even Spirit Gurus, Angels, Guides, etc. And, people will think you’re crazy. I have had to let go of needing so many because it was them or Spirit. It may be the first commandment – Thous shalt have no other Gods before me. Meaning letting anyone be more important than your spiritual connection. It isn’t easy. I wanted both and all, and it’s not possible. Spirit always knew, long before I did, that, for me there was no choice. He was very patient, until, I guess He decided, enough is enough. Choose.
      But, ;you will find there are some ridiculously funny experiences that you share with your Spirit community; private jokes. Usually the joke is on me, but that’s okay. I am still blessed, as are you. It’s just adjusting to living in two worlds at the same time, knowing that our physical world is as a stage and we are playing roles in a never-ending-story.

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