What is Feng-Shui?

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

Our simple seeker was fascinated in what
she had discovered in a Book Warehouse
store. She seemed to know she was meant
to find something of special interest
to her, if to no other.

What is Feng-Shui?

Yes. That’s the title of this incredibly
interesting, nineteenth century classic
interpretation by Ernest J. Eitel.
And it was marked down to $3.99.
It hardly seems fair.

Did you want to pay more?

Perhaps, if I had know how interesting
it would be to me, but that would mess
up their bookkeeping. People don’t do that.

You do.

Not in a book store. And not often.
But there are times when waiters
seem to go out of there way to be
helpful that I would not feel
comfortable not expressing thanks
with a higher tip than usual.
It’s just too easy to simply say,
thank you.

Don’t tell me; show me?



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