No Such Thing as Just a Dream

Our essence, or soul, as an inner personality? Spirit can seem deep, especially when I am half-asleep.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

Our simple seeker was half asleep when Spirit
began to lecture to her on Freud’s concept of

Perhaps he didn’t think to use the term of
outer personality.

Ego as personality? That makes sense.

Actually it develops around our essence,
or soul, if you will, and it’s unique

She tried to focus with her weary mind
on what he was saying, and at the same time
wondered why He would choose such a moment.

Perhaps so your resistance to new ideas …

I don’t resist new ideas, at least not
just for the sake of resisting them.

Then why are you resisting the concept of
an inner or original personality and a mask
or protective energy that interacts between
the inner personality and the outer

Like a coat?

A living coat.

I don’t understand.


Why we would need an outer personality
to protect our essence when…

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2 thoughts on “No Such Thing as Just a Dream

  1. Makes a person wonder if we all have alter egos. This seems to be the common thing these days only they label it such things like the obvious disorder we have all come to know. I would have never compared this the functions of ones aura tho

  2. Thank you, Antonio. I hope that you understand that, when responding to your comment, I do not set myself up as someone who has the answers to all (or maybe even to some) of the questions that Spirit leaves me with. What I gather from “No Such Thing as Just a Dream” is that Freud was onto something, as was Jung in his understanding of the human psyche. They each had pieces of the puzzle. Perhaps nobody can ever have more than pieces.
    Many so-called new-age spiritualists (especially if they come from a superficial understanding of Eastern thought, seem to consider the human ego as an enemy that must be destroyed so that we can each return to nothingness. Surely we were not designed to be nothings.
    Spirit is teaching that our inner essence is a unique blend of conscious energies of mixed qualities of thought and emotion that is surrounded by an interactive stream of energy (ego?) between essence and the outer environment of multiple other individuals and situations.
    We (as conscious ego can lose sight of the fact that we are designed much as a blood-brain barrier that prevents harmful elements from entry into sensitive brain cells.
    That barrier does not serve itself, nor should the ego. If it does then it needs to be reconditioned, not destroyed.
    My simple understanding.

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