How Can I Know What is Possible?

Dear Reader, Do my Spirit Teacher’s thoughts seem designed to make you understand more clearly, or to challenge you to question him?

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

Our simple seeker was meditating on
the seemingly-separate realities of
yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Or past, present, and future?


Why seemingly separate?

You know why.

Yes, but do you?

Yes. They are continuously and seamlessly
woven together.

In what way?

Each emerges from one of the others,

What if I suggested that they exist
each within the other, at all times
and in all places?

I would find that possibility …

It is more than a possibility.

Then, I would still find it
difficult to accept.

But not impossible?

How can I know what is possible?

You could ask me.

But, your answer might be designed
to test my willingness to accept
whatever you might tell me.


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