If They Have Eyes To See

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

Our simple seeker was enjoying, admiring,
and envying Dan Millman and his “The Law
of Spirit”.

He obviously shared a high quality
relationship with an awakened spirit

Are we jealous?

Perhaps a little.


He is so much more …


I can’t know that for sure, but ..

Then, what?

He seems to be so much more
comfortable with openly sharing
his relationship with a spirit
teacher than I am.


Perhaps he has more self-confidence.
After all, he is …


That helps, but also he earned
general admiration and respect
in his personal life.

Is his relationship with spirit
not also personal?

Yes, of course, but he was a
world class athlete before
he shared his spiritual wisdom.


Well, it is his now.

How so?

Anything we learn from whomever
or whatever personal experience
becomes our own wisdom or
understanding, at least until we

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