Karma is Different than Cause and Effect

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Spirit explains I Ching 51 – Thunder

Thunder above and Thunder below, or
As above, so below.

Thunder makes a loud noise. It does not
present itself graciously or even politely.
but on its own terms, and in its own way,
forcefully, so as not to be ignored.

Why does it have to let the world know
that it’s here, when it is here.

Perhaps it is as a messenger being sent
from a high authority, to announce
an immanent arrival.

A storm?


That makes sense, weather wise.

It makes sense and is a reality
in any situation.

How is it possible to be warned
ahead of time in situations of
emotional, social, political, or
environmental disasters?

It is a law of life or, as some
prefer, a universal law.

What law?

Causation, or Karma.

Are they both the same law?

Yes and no.

How do they differ?


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2 thoughts on “Karma is Different than Cause and Effect

  1. This makes a lot of sense. Thunder is caused by lightning, which is itself a massive energy transfer, either from part of the atmosphere to the other, or from the atmosphere to the earth itself. It supercharges the air particles, causing them to blast out in a huge wave, which we hear as sound. The ripples of change. Thunder is a harbinger of change, but it is also a subtle reminder that the cycle continues.

    • I am so impressed with your detailed explanation of the environment from which Thunder emerges, and why it must. And yes, the endless cycle continues, but in an endless cycle of unique, at least to some extent, causes and effects. Within our individual physical life journey, there is always possible unexpected consequences of our every choice. And yet, we must choose. Even not choosing is a choice. Karma views it all from a different perspective. Perhaps Spirit will expand on our relationship to Karma.
      Thank you so much for your interest and in choosing to offer your insights, and in this way, contributing to expanded awareness for all of us.

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