A shopping cart of thoughts and emotions

Spirit shares words of wisdom.

Spirit tells me that all thoughts and all emotions
have value; some more and some less.

Who determines their value?

We each do.

How can we be said to choose thoughts and emotions
when they sometimes seem to flood, unwelcome
into our minds.

We choose to let them into our minds.


Through habit-forming mental laziness, as in
habitually choosing the same food items at
a market.

Food for thought?

Yes. We ignore those items we do not generally
include in our diet or on our menu.

At the market, it’s easier and quicker to shop
if I know what I’m looking for.

Yes, and you do not pay much attention, if any,
to the many possible alternatives available.

But, I do buy what I believe is nutritious and
that I enjoy eating.

There may be many other available food items
equally nutritious that, perhaps, if you would
allow yourself to adapt to, you might enjoy,
at least as much or more than the foods you
now regularly purchase.

Then I would have to choose which, when I only
need one or another.

Perhaps they could become equal, more or less

Haven’t we wandered from thoughts and emotions?

One of us may have.

How do they connect?

They don’t.

Then, what?

They relate.

How do they relate?

They each require being chosen. Food items do not
put themselves into your shopping basket.

And, thoughts and emotions …

Yes. They do not place themselves into your mind.

My mood determines …

What or who determines your mood?

I’ll have to think about that.


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