A dysfunctional relationship with Spirit

Spirit tells me that He is aware of my mixed feelings concerning our

Relationship. He seems to be able to read my mind so there is

Nothing to be gained by my pretending that our relationship is a

Normal one when, in fact, it seems to border on dysfunctional.

Any psychologist worth her or his salt would surely agree with

My assessment.


But, for some strange reason I seem to be addicted to my ‘invisible

Friend’, as some have called Him. Why? God only knows how our

Separate energy systems became interconnected. I don’t know.


Perhaps someday He will tire of my simple mind and look for a more

Challenging one, or one more accepting of His claim to superiority in

All things.


It’s the ‘all things’ that I seem to need to challenge, not His teachings,

Which I highly respect. But, should a Spirit Teacher possess such an ego?


He counters my complaint with a deceivingly simple remark. If I allow myself

To have an ego then He will have one, too.


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