Saying it doesn’t make it so.

Spirit tells me that, at a grass-roots level, compassion is as

Sophisticated a way as any to express genuine care.


Gentle words of love and caring serve a need, both to the

Giver and to the one receiving, but only when the words

Are supported by caring deeds can they at least seem

To be genuine expressions.


Compassion is a beautiful word that expresses a deep but

Simple emotion, genuine care for someone or something.

But, saying it is never enough. We need to support our

Caring words with caring actions.


I could still be pretending.





2 thoughts on “Saying it doesn’t make it so.

    • Thank you, Starry. Yes, words are not enough, even if we do need them, and we do. Just saying them, means something. But, what? Polite? or really care, even just a little Of course, the words we need are words of support, not as we often get, someone who doesn’t understand where we are coming from, telling us what we should be thinking, or doing. And, of course, we might offer the wrong kind of help. Perhaps we should ask, first, What can I do? But, then, what if we are asked to do something we cannot or would care not to. Life isn’t easy, is it?
      Bless you and may you get the words and help you need, for the right reasons, whatever they are. Love, Jean

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