Spirit Teachers with Issues

I wanted to write about Life as a Mystic, Life as a Channel, Life as a Student, a life-long student to a Spirit Teacher who shares with me so very much wisdom and yet, My spirit teacher seems to have unresolved psychological issues of his own.

Some of Spirit’s methods of teaching leave much to be desired, such as when He seems to se me up to experience stressful situations, followed by an almost gentle explanation of how I handled, the stress, or rather, didn’t handle it very well at all, using a habitual response that has proven unproductive.

The problem, or rather, my problem (not His) is due to reacting instead of responding to challenging situations.

Response, he calmly lectures me, requires contemplation of choices before acting on the situation or challenge.

So, where is He before I mess up with my inadequate response?

When He can surely see what is likely to happen, why not nudge me with a little insight, before, instead of after the fact. That’s why we have detour signs, to prevent unpleasant situations.

Perhaps they don’t teach prevention in Spirit.

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