Today could not exist without yesterday.

I Ching 18 – Degeneration, follows Following in the order of

Life experiences represented by the hexagrams.


Spirit explains: Degeneration suggests loss of quality or value,

Whether due to neglect, obsolescence, change in fashion, or

Whatever. Society seems almost eager to discard what is not

Shiny and new.


Following expresses faithfulness to traditional lifestyles. This

Preservation of past traditions can create difficulties in

Adjusting to change.


How do we blend progress and tradition? Or, must we choose?


There can be no future without a past. When a branch becomes

Disconnected from its tree then it must be rooted or grafted

Onto another tree that has its roots firmly planted in the earth.


To completely disconnect from our past, if it was possible,

Would endanger our future. The past is the foundation of the

Present and the present is the foundation of the future. Today

Could not exist without yesterday. It’s as simple as that.


Life is a story that writes itself

Spirit tells me that Life is a story that writes itself.

Today is not separate from yesterday in any real

Sense. Today emerged from yesterday and will

Transform itself into tomorrow as part of a

Continuous progression of situations and events

Designed to serve Life’s purpose.


Which is?


To expand our awareness, both individually and



Our awareness of what?


Our awareness of our own awareness.

Yesterday’s Truth

Spirit tells me that

We are, He and I,

As the two sides of one coin,

With the only difference being

That my side is heavier, so that,

With any given toss, or dispute,

The chances of my winning over

His ideas are slimmer than slim.


But, He tells me, I should never

Not challenge Him, but just try

To put less wasted energy

Into the process.


Believe what I must, but only

As long as I must, and then

Let go without regret, for

The possibly lifetimes of energy

That I have poured into

Its defence.


Release it gently, He tells me,

And live today’s truth, that may,

Tomorrow, also be,

Yesterday’s truth.