Consumerism as a life without purpose

Consumerism, Spirit tells me, is an addiction in that

It is a lifestyle without soul, without purpose other than

To possess more and more of what is destined and

Designed to become out of style, obsolete and

Requiring replacement by a newer model of whatever,

That, in a very short time, will also be without value.


And yet, He tells me, our society has come to

Depend, almost for its financial survival, upon

Producers and advertisers of unnecessary

Consumer goods, whose mission

Statement seems to be to create a need

For such in the minds of the general

Population- the so-called masses.


However, Spirit advises, when I suggest

The masses are victims of advertising,

He corrects me with the reality that

They choose, for whatever reason,

To play the game.


Spirit is into abuse, again

Spirit seems to be fixated on abuse. Why can’t He teach me something about almost anything else but abuse. I surely don’t need it. It’s almost abusive of him to focus on this subject, at this time in our relationship. It’s still too painful for me to deal with. He should know that.

Abuse, Spirit claims, as if I didn’t know, is soul-destructive to both the abused and the abuser.

I feel totally compassionate toward those I meet, who seem to be in intense emotional pain. It pains me to witness their agony. Perhaps time will ease the memory. Of course, they must first escape the situation wherein the abuse occurs. I seemed to need so very much time, but, I’m a slow learner, I guess.

Abuse  (Spirit interrupts my thinking), continues, needs to be acknowledged as existing, at least potentially, in every human relationship (I would add, and in every human to spirit one). Spirit seems to ignore my cynic thought.

Each and everyone within a relationship, Spirit explains, is at least potentially both a victim and an abuser, or both.

Does that include our relationship? I pretend to innocently ask.

That depends.

On what?