Stay Young in Your Thinking

Today’s I Ching is Difficulty (3), developing out of The Receptive (2) and

Moving toward Immaturity (4).


Spirit explains: Water is above Thunder in the situation represented by

Hexagram 3, Difficulty. Water is unstable, while thunder consistently

Follows lightning.


Also, water must find its own level.  This is not a matter of thought or

Emotion. It is a law of nature, or water’s destiny.  Only in the forms of

Ice or snow can water remain above anything. Outside forces, such as

Sun, wind, or gravity move water where they will to.


Where does Immaturity fit into this picture?


Immaturity is a blessing.


How? And why?


Immature forms of life have more potential for growth than do

Older ones. Mature forms are less receptive to development.


The message?


Stay young in your thinking.




Anger as Persuasive Argument

Spirit tells me that the power of anger is unstable, unhealthy, and

Potentially dangerous. It is by its very nature designed to express

Warning and to instill fear.


Anger can frighten and discourage one from expressing opinions that

Might counter those of the person who uses anger to demand

Compliance with a particular viewpoint, even when a simple but

Logical statement might be more successful.


Why are you telling me this?


You seem to need to hear it.


But, when your answers seem beyond my understanding, it can be

Very stressful.


Does anger relieve the stress?